May 25, 2022

Blu Ristorante
Toronto, ON, Canada

Blu Ristorante - Toronto, ON, Canada

Ransomware - the Ultimate Test for Cyber Resiliency?

With the potential ability to shut down an entire organization and prevent it from executing its mission, ransomware is still the leading threat; in 2021 it represented 21% of all attack types according to the latest X-Force Threat Intelligence Index report. These attacks not only test almost every aspect of technical defenses, but also on a broader level, an organization's ability to maintain minimum viable functionality and delivery of services while also responding. On the plus side, from hundreds of client engagements IBM has not only mapped out the attack stages and how each of them can be disrupted, but also how to initiate a CISO driven, cultural shift, towards an organizational wide resiliency strategy.

Join us for a discussion on how these tactics and strategies can be undertaken and where best to start. 



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